One of the region's longest established automatic driveway gate installers

We're proud to be one of the leading manufacturers and fitters of automatic driveway gates in our area. We've been manufacturing automatic driveway gates as a business since 1998, so we know what we're doing.

We can manufacture any gate completely bespoke to your needs and the setting of your surroundings. We offer a variety of materials and can give advice on suitability for your needs.

Types of electric gates

Choosing the right type of gate is very much dependant on the space you have as well as appearance. We are able to advise on the best solution based on your requirements and space.

Automatic swing gates:

This is a popular option and fits many gateways well. They do as they describe – swing open. Bear in mind that they need plenty of space inside the gate to open and close.

Tracked sliding automatic gates:

A sliding automatic gate slides to the side of the gate entrance.

Cantilever-sliding gates:

The cantilever-sliding gate is an alternative to a standard sliding gate. Whilst they operate in a similar way, they don’t run on tracks.

Styles of automatic driveway gates

We offer a wide range of materials and designs to suit the needs of your home and gateway. We are able to offer traditional designs which are in keeping with the property or something more modern.

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