When you are looking at choosing an automatic electric gate system, you also need to consider which access control system is right for you.


An access control system allows you to control who is gaining access to your property. Your electric gates open and close according to how you control them – usually by remote control. However, there are several options and things to consider – for example, how do you manage visitors gaining access to your property?


Here are some of the options available:



These can also be known as code locks. This style of access system is very common and access is usually gained through a four, six or eight digit code.



An intercom system can be a good choice for an automated gate system if security is high priority. Visitors can push a button to contact the property, and are able to speak to someone through the system who can choose whether to allow access.


Proximity card/fob

Fobs are the most commonly used product but cards are also available. Each card or fob has its own unique ID number. When the card or fob is placed near the reader it will detect the number and allow access.


Mobile phone access

Call, 2g, WiFi and Bluetooth are all methods that can be used to gain access through your electric gates. We offer a variety of methods enabling you to use your phone to control access through your gates.


Video access

We also offer a number of options to control your gates using video. This is commonly an expensive route however if you feel that this option is right for your gates we are able to offer it.

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