If you want a more traditional look for your driveway, wooden electric gates could be a perfect choice.


What type of wood is best for wooden electric gates?

With our vast experience working on a wide range of wood types over the years, we now only install Accoya wooden gates – obviously, we’re happy to work with existing gates that are made from other materials, however, we completely trust Accoya and firmly believe this is by far the best choice for our customers.


What is Accoya wood?

Accoya is a modified wood, which is known for its exceptional quality in varying environmental conditions. It has been manufactured and tested not to visibly swell, shrink or distort.

In addition, Accoya is a really sustainable choice of material – it has a low carbon footprint being FSC certified and it’s non-toxic.


Why choose Accoya wood for my electric gates?

We only use Accoya wood due to its stable properties. There is nothing else on the market like it.

Accoya is unique in the fact that it gives a 50-year warranty for ‘above ground’ applications.

It is also available in a variety of finish options – giving you so much choice when it comes to designing your wooden electric gates.


What types of wooden electric gates are available?

Swing gates – These are installed with rams which work by pulling or pushing the gate to open and close it. Rams can be installed above the ground or underground for a more natural appearance.

Sliding gates – These types of gates slide to the side of the gate entrance.  If you have a limited amount of space, a sliding gate could be the perfect choice.


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Here’s some of the recent wooden electric gates we have manufactured and fitted ourselves.