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Electric Gates

Auto Access Solutions specialise in automatic electric gates. We are able to provide various automated access systems for existing gates or for new installations undertaken by ourselves. Any type of gate can be automated, whether it is a cast iron gate, wooden gate or mild steel gate.

Our systems conveniently work in conjunction with your home phone system, which allows you to talk to your visitor and operate the automated gates from your phone handset.

One of the best features of this system is that it is completely wireless. There isn’t any cabling required between the gate entrance and your home and no cables are required for any additional intercom handsets within your home.

We can install up to six different phone numbers which makes the system extremely useful for multiple entrances or it allows a single user to have the automated gate system call your numbers at home, at work or to a mobile number, allowing you to access the system wherever you are!

The handset that receives the phone call will be the handset that is used to control the automated gates from any location, with a choice of front panels in steel or aluminium available.

Underground Operators

We use various underground operators, typically these are used for domestic applications as they are quick, quiet and smooth in operation, operators can either be mains or low voltage and all incorporate a manual release mechanism to allow the gates to be operated manually if needed.

Surface Rams

Above ground operators can be used for both domestic and commercial applications and are suitable to retro fit to most existing gates as they can be easily installed with little disturbance.

Sliding Operators

These can be used on both metal and timber gates, running either on a track installed into the ground or if required via trackless cantilevered systems which can be useful if you have a slopping driveway.

Vehicle Barriers

We can supply and install both manually operated and automatic rising arm barriers.

Intercom Systems

The systems installed by our company range from either simple domestic audio entry systems through to apartment blocks with many hundreds of video entry monitors, systems are now available to operate cordlessly negating the need for the installation of any wiring, systems can also operate through the mobile phone network so that you can receive calls from your gate system via your mobile phone.

Products used are typically Videx.

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