Industrial Electric Gates – what you need to know

When it comes to installing industrial electric gates, it’s a different kettle of fish – these types of gates have different needs to that of a residential electric gate system and demand much more due to the amount of usage.


In our latest blog, we cover the considerations needed to install industrial automatic gates.

Wide enough for articulated vehicles?

If you have large commercial premises, the entrance needs to be wide for access from large vehicles and lorries – so therefore your gates need to be suitable for large openings.



No matter what type of gate opening you may choose, the motor that operates the gate needs to be able to keep up with the demands of constant operation – as you can imagine, some gates can be in operation 24/7.


If you’re choosing to work with an experienced gate installer like ourselves, we will carefully choose the right motor for the job in hand. This means that the machinery installed will be able to keep up with the high usage of your industrial gate both in terms of frequency and also the size of the opening.


The correct entrance?

You may have different types of traffic accessing your property. The type of access that you want to allow can be adjusted according to the type of visitor you have.


For example, you can give staff the option to access your site through their phone and when larger traffic enters, such as delivery vehicles, they can use the keypad.



Whilst a residential property is equally important to keep secure; a commercial property can be very vulnerable to trespassers and theft.


Gates are an obvious deterrent to possible thieves and opportunists, but an industrial gate should also be able to stand up against potential forced attempts to gain entry to your property.



As you would expect, industrial electric gates are much bigger, heavier and can sometimes move faster than a residential electric gate. When there is an increased number of users, the potential risk of injury also increases, which in turn has a direct impact on the risk assessment.  With some applications, more safety devices need to be introduced where applicable.

Whilst the principles of safety are the same – safety needs to be considered differently as the size, weight, speed and operations are much larger with industrial electric gates.

We recommend servicing twice annually to ensure that everything is running correctly and safely.


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