Whilst our automatic electric gates are built to last, like everything – they still need a little TLC every now and then to keep them ticking over.


Avoid costly repairs and breakdown callouts

Just like a car, electric gates consist of many moving parts and from time to time, they need a bit of care and attention to keep them at their best.

Having your gates serviced will catch any signs of wear, restore any worn parts and detect any problems before they arise.

As well as your moving parts, things such as batteries in edge transmitters and wireless photocells sometimes need replacing after a few years.


Expand the lifespan of your equipment

In addition to the electric parts on your gates, the gates themselves will be checked as part of your service. The gates need to be greased regularly to ensure that they are running well and of course must be running free of any obstructions. If the hinges aren’t greased or the gates aren’t free running, the motors will have to work harder to operate the gates, and inevitably, will wear out faster.


Check that they are safe and conform to safety standards

As we are registered with Gatesafe, which is an organisation committed to improving the safety of automated gates and barriers – their guidance is constantly evolving. Whilst your gates will have been fitted to conform to these standards originally, some elements of your gates may no longer conform to these standards and may need updating to ensure maximum safety.


What is included in an automatic gate service?

Part of the servicing includes clearing any debris, greasing any moving parts, ensuring any toothed racking is in good condition and clearing out of underground boxes. This is all done to ensure you benefit from the full lifespan of your electric gate.


How often should your gates be serviced?

Dependent on the type of gate you have, one service per year should be sufficient. If you have a high amount of traffic such as an apartment block it would be beneficial to have your gate serviced more frequently.


Need to know more? Please give us a shout to discuss servicing your automatic gate – we are more than happy to help.

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