When it comes to thinking about gates for your commercial business, there are many advantages to choosing automated gates. Not only are automated gates more appealing, but they also offer a much higher level of security than a traditional style of gate.

We detail the benefits below:

Protect your premises
The physical benefits of automatic gates include the capability to block any unauthorised access to your property. As opposed to a manual operation, the gates will be left closed at all times, other than permitted access.

Prevent unwanted visitors
Whilst we can’t always deter everyone, automatic gates are a great way to prevent unwanted visitors such as door-to-door sales people and random people just dropping in. In the business world – these types of visits can be more frequent than you might see at your home. This might be more common when you are situated on an industrial estate or a busy main road. By automating your gates, you can cut down on these types of visits.

Whilst cost might not be at the forefront of your decision-making process when it comes to automating your gates, it has the potential to save your business money.

A manual gate requires manual operation so that’s stopping, getting out to open and then closing again. With an automatic gate, the gates will open on your command, so there’s no need to get out and manually open or close the gates.

Most businesses have a much heavier flow of traffic than you might see at a private home – particularly if you have staff members nipping out for lunch and various visits.

Automatic gates can save you and your staff a lot of time as there’s no need for manual operation. Some businesses choose to have the gates left open during peak times to further enhance time-saving.

Impressions count
For any visitors that first impression might really count. Giving that professional look to a potential client might just help you win that much-needed contract or similar.

In addition, if you own your premises, the value of your property will increase due to having the added security of automatic gates as well as the curb appeal.

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