Having electric gates installed is a great way to maximise the security of your property as well as improving that much-desired kerb appeal.

Here at Auto Access Solutions, we manufacture and install driveway gates that are designed bespoke for your property. We offer a wide variety of designs and materials to suit the look of your property.

The very first consideration when designing electric gates for a property is how it functions. We will work towards your preference, however, if the gate function it not suited to the space available, we will look at alternatives.

Two very common styles of electric gates are sliding gates and swing gates. We discuss the differences and benefits of choosing each style:


Electric Sliding Gates:

If you’ve got limited space, a rising driveway or a wider than average opening – a sliding gate could be the perfect choice. A sliding gate can be a convenient solution, which allows your driveway to be completely clear when the gate is in an open position.


Electric Swing Gates:

Swing gates are often a preferred choice of gate, but space is an important requirement. If your property and driveway allow for the space necessary to accommodate a swing gate style, then this might be the best option. In addition, sometimes a swing gate can also be more cost-effective as the construction and configuration is far simpler than a sliding gate or other style.


Take a look at our gallery here to look at how these styles of gates look fitted.


If you’re looking for advice on what gates you should choose, do give us a shout. We’ve been in business since 1998 and have a lifetime of experience fitting and installing electric gates to properties in Huddersfield and further afield.