When considering an automatic gate for your property, you should always weigh up the pros and cons (if any) of investing in one. Here we explore the benefits of automatic gates and which of the benefits outweigh those of manual gates.



Automatic gates provide foolproof security, only allowing people that you wish to enter. Access through the gates can only be gained through a designated security system, which can include remote control, passcode, through your mobile or swiping a card.

Manual gates are much easier for unauthorized people to gain access – all they need to do is unlock or unlatch the gate.



These days, we all lead busy lives. We’re often rushing to our next meeting or lunch date and having that extra few minutes to travel safely to your destination really does make a difference.

If you had a manual gate you have to get out to open the gate, get in the car, drive through the gate, get out again and close it – that’s all before you can set off! Oh and we didn’t mention the weather whilst you are doing this, if you’re caught up in a heavy downpour it doesn’t help either.

The benefit of an automatic gate means your gates open and close on command, which can either be through the remote key, entering your passcode, face command or swiping your security card.


Property value

Having automatic gates installed in your property not only makes your property more desirable for aesthetic and security purposes, it also adds value.



Whilst a manual gate provides a level of privacy, an automatic gate steps your privacy up a level. Automatic gates prevent those unwanted knocks at the door by door-to-door salesmen as they need your permission to gain access.



Choosing an automatic gate really does set off the style and appearance of your property. With such a wide variety of materials and styles to suit the style of your property – the choices are endless.


Get in touch to discuss options for designing your new gates or should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to ask.

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