With so many people choosing to have electric gates fitted to their homes and property, we look into the reasons why you should have electric gates fitted.



Having a gate fitted to your property pushes back the first point of entrance to the perimeter of your property. This means that your garden or land becomes your private property, free from opportunistic prowlers and unwanted trespassers.


Behind your gate is often your driveway, allowing you to park your cars in a much safer area – therefore less likely to become a victim of crime or vandalism.


If you have a garage or further outbuildings they will be much more secure behind a set of gates.


Electric gates further enhance this protection and increase the security of your home through irreversibly geared motors and electric locks. Your access control system allows you to control who accesses your property, keeping unwanted visitors at your gate and not at your door.



A stylish entrance further enhances the curb appeal of your property as well as the value when it comes to selling your home.


In some cases, electric gates can highly influence the sale of your home due to their security and aesthetic appeal.


Peace of mind

Feeling safe and secure in your home is vital – electric gates can help achieve this as they provide so much additional security and privacy for your home.


In addition, many busy parents feel safe knowing that their children can play behind closed electric gates, away from busy roads and possible intruders.



A huge benefit to electric gates is the automation – they save so much time not having to manually operate them. In addition, users don’t have to bear the grim winter weather manoeuvring manual gates.



A well-maintained property compliments the neighbouring properties. It is quite common that once a household smartens up their gateway, many other properties nearby often improve their properties entrance too.


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